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Phase 1: UX Research, Discovery & Strategy

We research and understand the persona needs, unique value propositions of our clients, and current performance metrics. Our approach is based on industry experience coupled with data-driven analysis and research.

Phase 2: Information Architecture & Messaging

We define information pathways that help your users become informed and convert. Through team involvement and a drive towards simplicity, we cut through the clutter and focus on business goals.

Phase 3: Present Design

We design best-in-class interactive experiences and evolve brands. We create game-changing digital experiences.

Phase 4: Technology Planning & Strategy

Our team is versed in a wide range of technologies. Design is more than how something looks--design is how something works. We seamlessly blend form and function into every project we work on.

Phase 5: Interactivity, Integration & Added Value

We see design as a integration of brand, technology, strategy, systems and market. When we bring them together, magic happens. Great ideas are only as good as their execution.

Phase 6: Launch & Support

It all comes together during launch. We guide clients through this crucial period, and we offer ongoing support, strategy, measurement, and guidance.

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