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SEO Company strategies vary, but our focus has and continues to be maximizing your visibility on Google by putting together SEO campaigns that make sense for your unique business.

You can build the most fancy and awesome website you can think of, but if no one can find it, it’s not doing you much good. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, helps you to organically rank on the search engines. Think of it as a really elaborate word of mouth campaign that gains you visibility over your competitors.

Through careful targeted keyword analysis, our SEO Company can help you choose keywords that make sense for your business. While another SEO Company may focus on adding as many keywords as possible to your site, we instead focus on the quality of the keywords. We also implement a variety of onsite and off site best SEO practices that are designed to attract search engines and maximize your footprint on the search engines. You can follow up on the performance of your SEO keywords through your personal client dashboard. The client dashboard collects tons of valuable information that can be used to power new marketing campaigns.


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Measurable Returns

We offer each and every client 24/7 access to their own personal SEO dashboard. From within this dashboard, our clients can monitor the success of their SEO campaign through various KPI reports. Take a sneak peek below at what the SEO dashboard looks like.

Account Partners

Metrics and fancy charts are great sources for tracking your investment but having access to an account partner to help you make sense of all the SEO data is key. We have experienced and talented account partners that you can reach out to.

Robust Repoting

Logging into your SEO client dashboard every day may not always be possible. That is why we prepare weekly and monthly SEO reports that summarize the activity on your account and have it sent to your inbox for review when it’s convenient for you.

Actionable Recomendations

Based on your reporting metrics we can game plan the next steps to take for your SEO marketing to get the best results possible.

Your SEO Dashboard


Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
There is no cap on the number of keywords you can use. It’s all about the quality of the keywords rather than the quantity. Depending on your company, target audience and competition of the keywords, an SEO campaign with just 5 – 10 keywords can be more impactful than SEO campaigns with 20, 50 or even a 100 keywords.
Content that educates users on the products or services that you offer are highly valued by the search engines. We properly structure content in an organized way that delivers the information that the user is looking for, as well as making it enticing for search engines to rank you as an authoritative source on the topic.
Google Adwords is great for short term advertising blitzes that are promoting products or services for a limited time. When done right they can be very successful. If you don’t plan accordingly, those clicks can get very expensive with little to no return. SEO is a long term investment strategy. With Google Adwords, you are paying Google to put you on page one regardless of whether or not the information on your site is relevant to users. When you naturally or organically show up on page one, without having to pay Google off, that sends a strong powerful message to users that Google is acknowledging you as a relevant source of information.
Any company that makes promises of getting you on page one of Google does not have your best interests in mind. No one can exactly predict how much money the competition will invest into their SEO campaign and what specific SEO practices they will use to grab the top spot. The only guarantee that we can make is that we only use techniques that are in accordance with Google’s best SEO practices and algorithms.


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