Establish brand credibility and personality with innovative Social Media Campaigns.


Telling Your Bran'ds Story Through Platform-Specific Content


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide a space for communities to come together around common interests that truly matter to them. Strategic social marketing strategy allows you to engage in those conversations to build powerful, intimate relationships with your customers.

Beginning with brand voice development, we devise an overall social content strategy and create an actionable plan. Organic posts build the brand and get your customers talking. We listen for who is engaging and learn about what motivates them. Then we optimize our messaging to maximize reach and engagement – not just in your social channel, but across your entire digital marketing plan.

We Bring the Donuts

Kore's Social Media Strategy

Targets 4 Key Areas


We analyze your space, determine best approach, voice to use, content to create and target audience.


Original eye catching viral content is everything. We produce content of value, that you, your customers and fans will want to share.


Advanced management of your dollars on social media platforms. We analyze, split A/B test and more.


Data is everything. We collect & analyze data so you don’t have to. We know what’s working, what’s not and who your audience is.


Social Media consists of various community based communications channels through which popular and trending content is shared. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the most heavily used social media platforms.
Just because you do not take an interest in Social Media doesn’t mean Social Media won’t take an interest in you. It is where your target audience is. Every popular Social Media platform has a bigger reach than all TV channels combined. Social marketing strategy doesn’t look like an ad. The whole idea of Social marketing strategy is to be an informational and entertaining channel as opposed to a promotional one. If done right, Social marketing strategy creates trust and loyalty. Social marketing strategy facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. People don’t listen to companies, people listen to friends.
You should post relevant content that is interesting and/or entertaining to your potential customers. Sounds hard? It really isn’t, if you know your target audience.
Your posting frequency depends on your resources and audience. Your goal is to get quality content that your audience will love in front of as many eyes as possible. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, & Pinterest


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